Really didn’t update this as much as I wanted to back in 2016.

I spent 2016 mostly trying to figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be. I’ve had numerous ideas being hurled up into the air for little over a year now. Elemans, Oscar, Calidan and some new ideas emerged along the way – Red Rivers, The Runaways.

I’m hoping in 2017 I’ll have finished a proper script, write a few short stories and try and master my prose. I have just ordered a storyboard book so I can start working on my visual story telling (my stickmen drawings are a work of art).

2017 will be a good year I hope in regards to my craft – that I get my confidence up and actually place a foot on the path to a good career.

Let’s see what you’ve got 2017.



Somewhere we both don’t know¬†

I’m walking on earth I’m not sure of. As my feet turn to lead and each step is full of the thoughts rattling inside my head. 

Am I going the right way?

I’m passing these things that remind me of home. They tell me to turn back and to lock the doors and hide under the blankets like when we were kids. 

Am I going the right way?

The stone turns to wood and the wood turns to tin. How long have I been walking for? 

I’m not sure of my destination but on a spin of a coin, left or right, I can decide. 

Have I been going the right way? 

This anxiety and worry that forced me on this path is nothing but a “could have been” and soon it would be “thank god for that” pictures of me on a milk carton. 

I remember the ones that made me feel me. 

I am not going that way.

Tin to wood to stone to home. 

It’s never too late. 

Starting the…journey…and it’s about damn time!

When it comes to writing you spend the majority of the time planning and planning and planning. Among the mountains and towers of papers you find yourself submerged in ideas and plot breakdowns then you have the fields of character biographies. Well after, three years of the above today I finally started putting pen to paper with my novel. I say novel because my ideas are vast and from time to time I have switched from NOVEL – SCREENPLAY – NOVEL – SCREENPLAY, so I decided lets decide the good things about writing a novel and the good ideas writing a screenplay. So with the thousand ideas swimming round my head I have decided that the characters I want to write about, the themes I want to explore and the story I want to tell, I have decided for a novel. This way I can waste no detail or emotion. I can start from the very beginning and take my time with expressing the feelings of my characters, the action packed parts I can make feel real and have them explode from the page. I’m trying to strike the balance between novel and script so I hope the combination of the two is noticed in the story.
I’ve read a few fantasy novels today (I say read, I read the first chapter) to get a feel of what direction I want to head in. Should it be children book like Potter? Or go for the adult, mature  route like George R R Martin. So then I realised why not do both? Have the fun and the fantastical you find in a children’s novel and also have the graphic, the gross and the ghastly found in a teen/adult fiction novel.

I hope this novel allows me to explore many themes such as isolation, where being different is nothing to be ashamed about, where you can find yourself being totally alone and not realised there is a community out there who understands the ordeals you’re going through.

So here’s the pitch, “Daniel Donovan is a guy who doesn’t expect anything special out of life. He wakes up, does his day and goes to sleep. What he doesn’t know is that he’s part of a much bigger world. Daniel will leave the life he knows where he feels alone and join a world where he is the centre of everything.”

“In death brings life.” 




Summer seems so long as the nights fingers pull the veil of night over me. 

I long for sun and the smell of light as it beams from a blue ceiling.

Warmth and joy eclipsed by dark and shadow.

My head is full of these, notions and thoughts of what I want to do but somehow it doesn’t process. I’m a machine of worry and I can’t calculate the outcome I long for. I need.

I hope somewhere between the void of day and night I can find something. A third party of something I haven’t heard of yet.

But I’ll welcome it like a friend.

These are all disjointed, like round objects trying to fit into rectangular holes. I’ll try jamming them in until they fit but try so hard and it could break. 

I think to overcome this all I must do is forget. Forget the worry, the panic, the fear. 

By the time I’m through day will turn to night and night to day. A orange blade slicing the purple line of dusk. As the stars close their eyes to let other stars shine an entire galaxy away.

And I’m an ant. The world is so big and yet my worries seem bigger. They are small, they are ants, they are dots. I shouldn’t let these dots get to me when the world is outside my window (or inside) 

Kebabs and Arguments in the Rain

Silver street from the hour before,

forecast predicted heavy rain. They were right.

The kebab you threw at me has stained by top,

mayonnaise on a red polo. What’s this going to look like?

I’ve rang a cab but it’s not for you, well not yet.

Let’s see what happens from now until the cab arrives.

I tell you sorry and you shout and throw your shoes into the road,

I bought them for you. A non verbal slap across the face.

Pending to Accepted.

It’s 500m away and we’re no where near sorted.

I pick them up out of the road and bring them back, your lips don’t move,

but your eyes smile. The two small sapphire marbles that hooked and reeled me in.

10m away.

It approaches from the darkness of the street, illuminating and making the silver street shine.

I give him my surname and he nods.

I open the door and get in, I leave it open looking at you.

As thunder rumbles above and before the street gets a second coat of silver

I say, “Well?”

Her 2013 Spike Jonze

Upon watching Spike Jonze’s Her (2013) I instantly fell in love with the film. The writing, the vulnerability of Theodore (Juaquin Phoenix), the complete seductive tone of Scarlet Johannson and of course the cinematography.

This post will detail why Spike Jonze’s Her is one of my favourite films of all time.

The writing is so human and funny and out there it makes complete sense. When you read the premise, “a sensitive guy who is recently divorced finds new love in an operating system” at first you think what a crack job. But listening to the dialogue between Theodore and Samantha it breathes life into this story. The interaction of both characters is like water and cold air and when the two mix they form something solid and stable. Theodore is written as this guy who has left love (the normal human kind) and he takes this journey into something new and strange and it turns out to be one of the best decisions of his life. It tells us that we can find happiness even in the most strangest of places. Jonze takes this futurist fairytale and gives it a modern twist on how we interact with not only ourselves but with technology. From the jokes to the touching and moving moments the writing conveys a story of how humans can be human and struggle in the toughest of situations.

If you’ve seen the film you’ll know the cinematography is absolutely out of this world. The colours of reds, oranges and yellows make the film a glistening ambient of joy, hope and love. Hoyte van Hoytema the cinematographer uses this colour to show Theodore as a happy guy. And with the colours we get the sense he has the capability to be eternally happy but is troubled and restrained by his divorce. It’s in his relationship with Samantha that these colours aren’t just red, orange and yellow they become so much more. As Theodore’s joy and happiness shines so does the world he lives in.

To have a character that is omniscient and just a voice Scarlet Johanson’s portrayal of Samantha is raw and faultless and human (despite being an operating system” through Samantha, Theodore begins a new chapter in his life. Like in today’s society we’re all connected to our phones and can’t be parted from them. To have an emotional and loving connection we see Samantha evolve. She isn’t just Siri or Katana she is an actual person who evolves through Theodore.

Entwining a bizarre sci-fi tale along with a story of a man who leaves a world of sadness in exchange of a new world of hope makes Her one of the most refreshing movies of the last decade.